jeudi 14 décembre 2017

To strike purifies (a call for support this saturday in London)

In order to get themselves clearly heard and understood by their filthy bosses, the Holiday Inn's strikers are intent on demonstrating on Saturday, December 16th, in front of the Intercontinental Hotel Group's (IHG) registered office in London (this very group owning the Holiday Inn company). International pressure put on those usual hostelry's slave-holders could be decisive here, as much as concrete solidarity expressed to the parisian suburb's workers on strike, who have been fighting for their rights for nearly two months (57 days, to be exact).  So, to the London comrades : come and support them !


« We're forced to clean seventeen rooms a day, sometimes twenty or twenty-two rooms a day... But it can take one hour just to clean a single one ! The worst is for those working women placed under the four hours a day contract. Those ones are even less paid, although still doing their seven or eight hours a day. That's just slavery.


The hardest point is that one always has to lay claim, if he wants to be paid, Sibidé, a 55 years old striker says, sitting on a plastic crate, with a cap on his head. His own job is to clean the hotel's floor. If we do extra hours, they don't pay for it. And if we claim for additionnal payment, they just wait till we get tired of it, till we give up asking. Then, they don't have to pay.
He makes 1100 to 1200 € per month, including week-ends and public holidays. His salary never increased in ten years of work. With a sour look in his face, he can't stand staring bitterly to the Holiday Inn's table of fees, behind him : until 450 € a night. The girls working here clean three of these rooms per hour, he protests angrily, raising already more than their salary... » 

(Le Monde, 11 / 12 / 2017)

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