dimanche 3 mars 2019

French police working

How old do you think they were (are) ? 60, 70 years old ? We don't know, really. All we know is that french cops get mad, each saturday when Yellow Jacket demonstrators cross their way in small or larger town (here : Toulouse). Those two unfortunate old ones weren't Yellow Jackets at all : they were probably just walking their way home. The old lady must have said something, somewhat sarcastically, to one of these pigs in blue, something that M. Officer didn't like, no doubt. Then her husband (?) must have tried to protect her. Look what happend next. This is how they do. This is how french police works. This is what President Macron's men do.

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  1. « Car on ne devient pas policier par hasard » M. Rajfus (entre autres)

  2. DUBOIS Jean Michel3 mars 2019 à 17:18

    Le syndrome Benalla ?